Definition of binomial nomenclature in English:

binomial nomenclature


mass nounBiology
  • The system of nomenclature in which two terms are used to denote a species of living organism, the first one indicating the genus and the second the specific epithet.

    • ‘Carl Linnaeus' hierarchical system and binomial nomenclature for flowering plants was meant to reflect the natural order of God's creation, as manifested in overall morphological similarity.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Linnaeus's hierarchical classification and binomial nomenclature, much modified, have remained standard for over 200 years.’
    • ‘Modern taxonomy was born in 1753 when Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus devised the system of binomial nomenclature and assigned a unique name for every plant and animal.’
    • ‘To avoid confusion with binomial nomenclature used in naming body fossils, trace fossils are named as ichnogenera (plural of ichnogenus) and ichnospecies.’
    • ‘As Martini used neither Latin terminology nor binomial nomenclature, his ideas were overlooked.’