Definition of bioaccumulation in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌkyo͞omyəˈlāSHən/


See bioaccumulate

‘Use peaked in the United States in 1959 and then gradually declined as concerns were raised about bioaccumulation via the food chain and adverse impacts on fauna - notably fertility and egg shell thinning in birds.’
  • ‘However, DDT released before that time is still present in the environment and in various organisms in the process of bioaccumulation.’
  • ‘Biological processes are primarily biotransformation, biodegradation, and bioaccumulation.’
  • ‘I think the bioaccumulations study basically reflects, same as the health study did, that the plant has no adverse effects on the valley.’
  • ‘The levels of exposure to these agents are generally low and long-lasting, with a possibility of bioaccumulation and biotransformation, putting the integrity of the environment and human health at risk.’