Definition of bioelectrical in English:



See bioelectric

‘Similarly, neurofeedback signals a convergence of psychiatry and neurology in bioelectrical approaches to treating affective disorders.’
  • ‘Less-accurate methods, such as skin-fold calipers and bioelectrical impedance, can have a margin of error of 4 percent - even greater if the tester doesn't do everything precisely right.’
  • ‘The most convenient and cost-effective way to measure the 3 body compartments is through bioelectrical impedance analysis, a quick, painless procedure that sends a low electrical current through the body.’
  • ‘The students are required to ‘fine-tune’ their bioelectrical vibrations to the particular frequency level whereby it becomes an inner energy effective for training.’
  • ‘If a single bioelectrical impulse traveling along a neuron in a petri dish is not a moral action, then the same must be true of human thought and behavior - merely a complex system of such impulses.’