Definition of bioenergetic in English:



See bioenergetics

‘Consequently, animals have evolved intelligence systems that function, first and foremost, as predictive bioenergetic cost/benefit analysis systems.’
  • ‘More specifically, the energy requirements of nestlings can be used in a bioenergetic model of the bioaccumulation of toxicants that incorporates growth, energetics, food intake, and assimilation efficiency.’
  • ‘We used a bioenergetic model to estimate the metabolic rate, or activity level, of nest-guarding smallmouth bass in Lakes Erie and Opeongo.’
  • ‘The enzyme catalyzes electron transfer to the molecular oxygen, a key bioenergetic reaction in aerobic organisms.’
  • ‘When bioenergetic limits for growth are studied, only periods with growth not limited by tissue maturation or reproductive allocation should be taken into account.’