Definition of biomimicry in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbīōˈmiməkrē/ /ˌbaɪoʊˈmɪməkri/


  • The design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

    • ‘He discussed the concept of "biomimicry," which the company is embracing to create new products.’
    • ‘It's all part of biomimicry, an attempt to mold technology on nature.’
    • ‘Interface is not the first textile company to develop products using the principles of biomimicry, Oakey says.’
    • ‘One example of biomimicry is the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan: a design inspired by the shape of a kingfisher's beak helped make the train quieter.’
    • ‘Dental implants, referred to by some as biomimicry, have become important tools in the replacement of natural teeth.’
    • ‘We begin to see the opportunities for working amidst the natural rhythm of things - biomimicry - and have less need to control things.’
    • ‘More than mimicking nature superficially, Bass said, biomimicry is about accessing nature as a launching pad for innovation.’
    • ‘The word biomimicry may be new, but the concept isn't.’
    • ‘I'm thinking, for instance, of the manifold practical advances today from biomimicry to hydrogen fuel cars.’
    • ‘One of my favorite talks was the presentation on biomimicry, or innovation inspired by nature.’
    • ‘Essentially, biomimicry is noticing and being aware of how things are made in nature when they're made by natural processes.’
    • ‘And because, as they point out in their article on biomimicry, nature has much to teach us about the containers surrounding the things we value.’
    • ‘The final approach Hahn described, "emulation," is an "advanced biomimicry," based more on understanding and modeling natural processes than on copying specific solutions.’
    • ‘Some advances-grid computing or research in biomimicry, nanotechnology or tissue engineering-take place entirely outside a political context.’
    • ‘To be sustainable, biomimicry must also consider how something is made (nature only uses a few elements) and how it fits into a living system.’
    • ‘She has worked in the field of biomimicry as an educator, researcher, and design consultant.’
    • ‘Explain biomimicry and how you draw on it with some examples.’



/ˌbīōˈmiməkrē/ /ˌbaɪoʊˈmɪməkri/