Definition of biopharming in English:



  • another term for pharming (sense 1)

    ‘biopharming is a potential new industry at the boundary between medicine and food’
    • ‘Last autumn, the issue came to a head when food manufacturers made public their concerns about food crops being used for biopharming.’
    • ‘Corn, which is wind pollinated and therefore spreads its traits easily, is the crop of choice for biopharming.’
    • ‘She notes that the drugs that biopharming promises to deliver can be gotten through other means.’
    • ‘Though biopharming is still in the experimental stage, the experiment has already seen twenty corporations and universities conduct more than 315 open-air field trials in undisclosed locations.’
    • ‘As a result, calls for limits on biopharming are often met with cries of "no way" from farm-state politicians.’



/ˈbīōˌfärmiNG/ /ˈbaɪoʊˌfɑrmɪŋ/