Definition of bioprinter in English:



  • A 3D printer used for bioprinting.

    ‘he has designed a prototype bioprinter that makes living cartilage’
    • ‘The bio-ink building blocks are then dispensed from a bioprinter, using a layer-by-layer approach to form a target organ tissue.’
    • ‘Institute scientists there have also designed a bioprinter to print skin cells onto burn wounds.’
    • ‘His latest project, a synthetic ear made with a 3-D bioprinter, is a realization of that vision.’
    • ‘Australian scientists have used a 3D bioprinter to create artificial vascular networks that imitate the body's circulatory system.’
    • ‘The new facility provides essential resources to advance the development of new bioprinter technologies.’
    • ‘Doctors used a 3-D bioprinter to custom-make a splint that is holding his airway open and helping him breathe.’
    • ‘The company has printed artificial raw meat using a bioprinter.’
    • ‘The biotech company assembles tissues resembling organs in living organisms, such as liver, by sending cells through its "bioprinter" that deposits them in layers.’
    • ‘The company manufactures a bioprinter that can create 1 millimeter-thick tissues.’



/ˈbīōˌprin(t)ər/ /ˈbaɪoʊˌprɪn(t)ər/