Definition of bioprospecting in English:



mass noun
  • The search for plant and animal species from which medicinal drugs and other commercially valuable compounds can be obtained.

    • ‘Many pharmaceutical companies are currently engaged in bioprospecting, which consists of testing plant species for potentially useful compounds, sometimes signing agreements with national governments for permission.’
    • ‘While traditional communities worldwide struggle to catch up with the implications of bioprospecting and biopiracy, technological advances are further removing them from the equation.’
    • ‘Most people believe that bioprospecting is limited to pharmaceuticals, but it isn't.’
    • ‘If natural compounds are likely to provide substantial breakthroughs, bioprospecting should provide for most of this benefit, but bioprospecting itself does not require widescale preservation of biodiversity in the wild.’
    • ‘Gene patenting and bioprospecting are aimed at the plants that native peoples have used and nurtured throughout centuries.’
    • ‘It requires a good idea of where to go searching, patience and a dose of good luck, but with bioprospecting the ultimate prize is perhaps more valuable than gold.’
    • ‘Moreover, new problems are emerging from sources such as offshore aquaculture, wind energy development, bioprospecting, and ever-deeper oil and gas exploration.’
    • ‘The book is both an impassioned appeal and a guide to measures that can be taken to save the planet, such as the cessation of logging in old-growth forests and the creation of jobs in conservation and bioprospecting.’
    • ‘Such concerns notwithstanding, some insist that potential gains from bioprospecting can motivate poor countries to preserve their biological diversity.’
    • ‘The claims of biopiracy were also meritless, resting on a stupid claim that bioprospecting was illegitimate unless all indigenous communities in a region approve it.’
    • ‘Conservationists, however, say the challenge is to design models for bioprospecting that link such discoveries to conservation.’
    • ‘The search for biologically active natural products is sometimes referred to as biodiversity prospecting or bioprospecting.’
    • ‘I asked Doctor Jon Copley from the Southhampton Oceanography Centre, about some of the more unusual outcomes of bioprospecting.’
    • ‘Wilson is equally interesting on the subject of bioprospecting.’
    • ‘Until now, bioprospecting has proceeded largely by private contractual arrangement.’
    • ‘It oversees the permits and insures that no harm results from bioprospecting.’
    • ‘Here are the seeds of the contemporary bioprospecting and biotechnology industries.’


1990s from bio(diversity) prospecting.