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  • A region defined by characteristics of the natural environment rather than by man-made divisions.

    ‘Bioregionalists aim to find a balance between the resident community's needs for livelihoods and the potential for natural resources in their bioregions, as defined by ecological, economic, and social criteria.’
    • ‘Scholars were asked to see in terms of bioregions rather than national or tribal boundaries, complicating greatly their task.’
    • ‘The Great Lakes make for a problematic bioregion because each lake has a very different ecology and history.’
    • ‘Without a thorough understanding of the biological diversity and ecological processes of the Great Barrier Reef, it would have been impossible to define bioregions in the marine park.’
    • ‘Obviously the institutions and processes within bioregions would vary as the lands and human experiences on them vary.’
    • ‘By addressing the deeper needs of their employees and community, business owners can grow their companies in new ways, providing more fulfilling jobs, healthier communities, and greater economic security for their bioregions.’
    • ‘We continually ask, ‘What kinds of experience, pedagogy, ambience, and teachers inspire students to explore and learn the specifics of living in symbiotic relationships within our bioregions?’’
    • ‘The author argues for further study of bioregions in forest history, using East Africa's Eastern Arc Mountains as an example of an area that could benefit from this type of examination.’
    • ‘Housing development that is environmentally sustainable should have no net negative environmental impact in terms of global and local bioregions or ecosystems.’
    • ‘But there are myriads of other discrete territories, such as deserts, mountain ranges, peninsulas, and islands, that function as bioregions.’
    • ‘I suppose it is not news to say that there are, as yet, no actual self-empowered bioregions in the United States, nor are there likely to be in the near future.’
    • ‘While this investment deficit is a potential problem for Indigenous landowners, it is also a concern for contiguous bioregions that abut Aboriginal land, especially national parks and pastoral properties.’
    • ‘There are many lands in many bioregions, from the Keys to Arizona, Maine to Oregon, because we each fall in love with a particular and different type of beauty and abundance.’
    • ‘In Queensland, we have five of Australia's world heritage-listed sites; 17 of Australia's marine bioregions; and 19 of Australia's terrestrial bioregions.’
    • ‘Because the pressures on the environment are more limited, some bioregions are remarkably intact.’
    • ‘The levels in this ecogeographic hierarchy include individuals, populations, communities, bioregions, bioprovinces, and the biosphere.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, there are significant differences in species richness and taxonomic composition between the major Australian marine bioregions on the NE, NW, SE and S coasts and shelf faunas, the Coral Sea and subantarctic territories.’
    • ‘The vision council at the end of this year's gathering agreed by consensus that next year's gathering will take place somewhere in the ‘greater mid-Atlantic bioregions.’’
    • ‘The energy consumed by residents and the embodied energy associated with new building materials might also be compensated for in ways that creatively restore and renew bioregions.’
    • ‘Our challenge is to activate and re-activate an attunement and awareness for the bioregions in which we dwell.’



/ˈbīōˌrējən/ /ˈbaɪoʊˌridʒən/