Definition of bioremediation in English:



mass noun
  • The use of either naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms to consume and break down environmental pollutants, in order to clean a polluted site.

    • ‘Our initial focus was on biodiversity and food and farming issues, as well as bioremediation and natural treatment systems for decontaminating the environment.’
    • ‘Microorganisms can be used for biodegradation and bioremediation by breaking down toxic compounds.’
    • ‘And many more species are turning out to be useful for major industries such as biological control, biological mining, bioremediation and environmental monitoring.’
    • ‘In our studies at Oxford, we set out to determine if we could improve clean-up of chemically mixed waste by developing a system based on a more thorough knowledge of the microorganisms involved in bioremediation.’
    • ‘These advances can also lead to new tools for bioremediation and to cleaner industrial processes that use fewer toxic chemicals.’
    • ‘Two other bioremediation teams, one using bacteria, the other using engineered bacteria, were also given sections of the contaminated soil to test.’
    • ‘This has advanced bioremediation of metal-contaminated soil environments, where some plants have been shown to internalize toxic elements such as cadmium, arsenic, and nickel.’
    • ‘This tolerance has practical application in bioremediation and in efforts to colonize polluted sites.’
    • ‘The land was then treated by a variety of methods, including solidification, bioremediation and indirect thermal desorption.’
    • ‘One of the best weapons against bioterrorism may be a healthy biotech industry, bioremediation may also prove to be a useful weapon against pollution.’
    • ‘‘Eventually, we'll want to understand how these genes are regulated under a variety of growth conditions and in different environments to see how they might be applied in bioremediation,’ says Dunn.’
    • ‘It has carried out bioremediation on and reclaimed 300 acres of the Brighton oilfield facility, along with a number of battery sites, oilfield pits, gathering stations, pipeline headers, a small refinery site, and a tankfarm.’
    • ‘These graphic warnings about the future of our resource base are thoughtfully balanced by helpful discussions of realistic solutions such as integrated pest management and bioremediation.’
    • ‘Thus bioremediation could be utilised to effectively correct the existing imbalances and eliminate the need for chemical treatment.’
    • ‘We believe that the technology has potential, particularly in therapeutics, bioremediation, and other aspects, but that we should proceed with extreme caution.’
    • ‘Tiny microorganisms such as bacteria are often the agents of choice for bioremediation.’
    • ‘Some are being used in bioremediation projects, such as cleaning up oil and industrial waste, and some are employed in the mining industry.’
    • ‘Widely celebrated environmentalist John Todd doesn't promise that his aquatic bioremediation system - a sewage treatment system which involves floating plant islands that purify polluted waters - could live up to its hype in Montreal.’
    • ‘The bioremediation method, which uses environmentally friendly biological systems, transforms these toxic chemicals into non-harmful chemicals, and in some cases into high-value fine chemicals.’
    • ‘In general, chemical catalysis offers faster reactions times than bioremediation schemes but also tends to be more expensive.’