Definition of biosolids in English:


plural noun

  • Organic matter recycled from sewage, especially for use in agriculture.

    ‘The OEPA limits application of biosolids to crop land with a pH of 5.5 or greater (accurate at the time of printing).’
    • ‘Waste generating facilities must follow the guidelines set by the OEPA to apply biosolids to crop land.’
    • ‘Applications of biosolids to agricultural land will rarely exceed 5 dry tons per acre per year.’
    • ‘The use of biosolids as fertilizer also is coming under the regulatory scope.’
    • ‘For additional information on plant nutrient needs or the application of biosolids, contact your local OSU Agriculture / Natural Resources Extension agent.’
    • ‘An important alternative to fertiliser from fossil fuel is biosolids recovered from sewage.’
    • ‘Scientists claim the sewage - relabelled as biosolids - is a safe and effective method of both improving soil quality and disposing of a troublesome waste product.’
    • ‘Or, if they can, it's made from biosolids, and you definitely don't want to mess around with that stuff in a vineyard or orchard.’
    • ‘The amount of ammonium nitrogen available will vary greatly depending on temperature and whether or not the biosolids are incorporated.’
    • ‘Not only are biosolids and manure low-cost soil amendments, but their use provides important means of recycling wastes.’
    • ‘Brown and her colleagues added biosolids - the polite term for byproducts of treated sewage that are blended into fertilizers - to lead-tainted soil from a home garden in Baltimore.’
    • ‘Industry groups like to call it biosolids, but it is sewage sludge.’
    • ‘The biosolids coordinator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, says Class B sludge is safe when properly applied.’
    • ‘Ever since, biosolids have been shipped to Medicine Hat at a cost of about $1,000 per day, he said.’
    • ‘After a third of the water is removed, the biosolids left are called cakes (yum).’
    • ‘So again, there are a lot of opportunities for reusing these biosolids.’



/ˈbīōˌsälədz/ /ˈbaɪoʊˌsɑlədz/