Definition of biospheric in English:



See biosphere

‘Earth observing satellites are paving the way to find out if these biospheric responses are going to hold for the future, ‘adds Steve Running, another co-author from the University of Montana.’’
  • ‘The observational record from Mauna Lao since the International Geophysical Year in 1957/8 shows an increase, but what is lost in this record is the increased flux sequestered by the ocean and the terrestrial biospheric carbon pools.’
  • ‘He analyzed and noted a remarkable homeostasis of atmospheric composition and surface temperature over the past three billion years, and concluded that this could only be attributed to a biospheric regulatory mechanism.’
  • ‘Smil's unique biospheric narrative, devoid of hype and patriotism, transcends academic apartheid.’
  • ‘If anyone should be indignant, we should be - for failing to force the North to tighten its belt and pay for the biospheric damage it has caused to date.’
  • ‘Trees are necessary to human life not just because they are powerhouses of basic biospheric processes.’
  • ‘Most biospheric carbon is already in the oceans anyway, and they can take a good deal more.’



/ˌbīəˈsfi(ə)rik/ /-ˈsfer-/