Definition of biotelemetric in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌteləˈmetrik/


See biotelemetry

‘Preferably, communications functionality is included to facilitate communication between the biotelemetric monitor and a host system.’
  • ‘Further, the present invention discloses the integration of ion-selective microelectrode sensors into a biotelemetric system.’
  • ‘To meet this need, ISSYS proposes to develop an innovative implantable, biotelemetric, batteryless pressure monitoring system.’
  • ‘In this book he has brought together a collection of essays on the following topics: electromagnetic and biotelemetric mind-control experimentation by intelligence agencies (often on involuntary subjects), satanism and ritual cult abuse of children (also with an intelligence connection), and OSS / CIA theft and profiteering for the purpose of funding covert operations.’
  • ‘A passive and injectable (using hypodermic needle) biotelemetric sensor for measurements of tendon length changes has been developed.’