Definition of biphasic in English:



  • Having two phases.

    ‘the patient's biphasic recovery curve’
    • ‘In these cases, the second phase was missing in biphasic responses.’
    • ‘The results show that a biphasic phase 2 is common to all three fiber types.’
    • ‘The results obtained support a heterogeneous biphasic phase 2 in all three fiber types.’
    • ‘This result indicates that this domain is biphasic, i.e., coexistence between isotropic liquid and columnar phase.’
    • ‘Instead, it was the relative amount of both phases that was modulated in the biphasic samples.’
    • ‘No other biphasic waveform is as well documented.’
    • ‘Usually morale hits a low around January or February, though last year we had a biphasic low due to an early start to flu season.’
    • ‘Many patients with depression are now recognized as having bipolar disorder, a chronic biphasic mood disorder with episodes of both depression and mania or hypomania.’
    • ‘The most significant feature is a biphasic or ‘saddleback’ fever associated with meningitis, rash, and conjunctivitis.’
    • ‘The second description is able to reproduce biphasic release even for uniformly (readily releasable) distributed vesicles.’
    • ‘However, the authors observed that it was the absence, not the presence, of these native contacts in the unfolded state that generated biphasic folding kinetics.’
    • ‘To exclude the possibility that the biphasic binding is caused by decelerated binding due to complete charge neutralization, we measured binding directly.’
    • ‘The rise of absorption after the actinic flash was biphasic.’
    • ‘Moreover, for a number of cell types and extracellular matrix molecules, cell speed exhibits a biphasic behavior with respect to surface ligand density.’
    • ‘Notably, the binding was biphasic with each species, i.e., there was a rapid phase followed by a much slower one.’
    • ‘Successful biphasic catalysis uses two solvents of different polarity so that the catalyst stays primarily in one phase and renders the catalyst recyclable.’
    • ‘Experimental evidence and clinical observations show that, without resuscitation, the response of heart rate to a reduction in the volume of circulating blood is usually biphasic.’
    • ‘In a 20 mL solution, addition of just ten drops of water was enough to produce a biphasic system composed of polar and non-polar layers.’
    • ‘This report describes a case of acute myeloid leukemia with biphasic morphology.’
    • ‘This description is able to reproduce the observed biphasic behavior with randomly and uniformly distributed channels and vesicles.’



/bīˈfāzik/ /baɪˈfeɪzɪk/