Definition of bird of prey in English:

bird of prey

Pronunciation /bərd əv/

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  • A predatory bird, distinguished by a hooked bill and sharp talons; a raptor.

    Orders Falconiformes (the diurnal birds of prey) and Strigiformes (the owls)

    ‘The hen harrier is a bird of prey and can be recognised by its long legs and broad wing span some also have a ruffle of feathers around the face.’
    • ‘This poem vividly portrays the unique characteristics of the osprey, a bird of prey, which feeds on fish.’
    • ‘Unlike birds of prey, the talons of Old World vultures are relatively weak and unsuitable as weapons of attack.’
    • ‘The hen harrier is a bird of prey, belonging to the same family as hawks, vultures, and eagles.’
    • ‘The moorland blaze has come at a bad time for ground-nesting birds such as golden plovers, curlews, lapwings and merlins, a rare bird of prey.’
    • ‘Some birds of prey, including barn owls, can be bought and sold legally although it is illegal to take them from the wild.’
    • ‘The new move, which comes with the breeding season at its height, is aimed at halting the persecution of birds of prey such as peregrine falcons and goshawks.’
    • ‘Common predators of house sparrows include cats and other mammalian predators, birds of prey, and owls.’
    • ‘One of the most distinctive expressions in the chicken lexicon occurs when my fowls spot a bird of prey.’
    • ‘They often carry their prey in their bill, unlike other birds of prey that carry their prey in their talons.’
    • ‘Although owls are probably my favourite birds of prey, I love hawks as well.’
    • ‘The birds of prey may have influenced an evolutionary move toward group living and bigger body size, for example.’
    • ‘They shrieked with that high-pitched call that only a bird of prey can emit.’
    • ‘The term ‘silver falcon’ actually refers to a bird of prey with silver feathers underneath the wing.’
    • ‘Four characteristic birds of prey include the snowy owl, gyrfalcon, osprey, and rough-legged hawk.’
    • ‘That's because the teenage tearaway decided to warm up before a game in Florida by utilising an osprey for target practice, knocking the bird of prey off its perch and severely damaging its eye.’
    • ‘A characteristic bird of prey over the waters is the osprey.’
    • ‘They have the same talons and beak structure as a bird of prey but weren't using them for this until their food source ran out.’
    • ‘If you took a parrot or a bird of prey, you'd hear it flapping its wings.’
    • ‘And birds of prey do the same with dead food items, occasionally carrying on for as long as an hour.’