Definition of birth canal in English:

birth canal


  • The passageway from the womb through the cervix, the vagina, and the vulva through which a fetus passes during birth.

    ‘The purpose of the contractions is to open your cervix to allow your baby to move down the birth canal and be born.’
    • ‘Everyone carries E. coli in their bodies, and babies can become infected with it from passing through the birth canal or simply coming into contact with things in the hospital or at home.’
    • ‘Everyone appreciates that a newborn baby's cranial bones are soft and largely unconnected to other bones, so as to allow the baby's head to pass through the birth canal.’
    • ‘During the birthing process, as a baby passes through the birth canal, some of the fluid inside the baby's lungs is ‘squeezed’ out.’
    • ‘The brain also became larger, requiring the infant to be born more underdeveloped so the head would pass through the birth canal, albeit just barely.’
    • ‘Active labor is the part of labor in which the cervix opens so the fetus can move through the birth canal.’
    • ‘One of his most important discoveries was that in natural labor, the fetus's head rotates through the birth canal.’
    • ‘The baby is pushed out of the uterus, through the cervix, and along the birth canal.’
    • ‘We begin to collect these billions of microbiota the moment we begin to pass down our mother's birth canal.’
    • ‘Its purpose is to enable the birth canal to enlarge so that the child can pass through more easily.’
    • ‘She said even if I got up to 10 centimeters I probably couldn't push the baby's head out because the birth canal was too narrow.’
    • ‘You know, it comes out of the birth canal, climbs up the stomach and into the pouch where it latches onto the nipple.’
    • ‘One of the reasons for this is that it is common for skulls to be slightly misshapen by the passage down the birth canal, and they put themselves right after a few days or weeks.’
    • ‘Certainly any intervention (including monitoring, exams to check dilation, etc.) that involves an object or hand entering the birth canal also poses a risk of infection.’
    • ‘In an image of a bad presentation, for instance, the infant's left arm and shoulder emerge from the birth canal while the rest of the body is trapped inside the uterus.’
    • ‘Silver nitrate drops, or antibiotic ointment, are applied to the eyes to prevent vision-threatening infections from certain bacteria in the birth canal.’
    • ‘When a mother includes fermented foods daily in her diet both before and during her pregnancy beneficial microflora with colonize both her intestines and her birth canal.’
    • ‘Evolutionists know that the biological world abounds in them: our narrow birth canal, the location of the prostate and of the exit site for the retinal nerve.’
    • ‘As each contraction occurs, apply a steady, firm pressure, preventing the Shih Tzu puppy from slipping back inside the birth canal.’
    • ‘The baby's head was already pushing down the birth canal.’