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birth control pill

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  • A contraceptive pill.

    ‘A progestin-only contraceptive is one kind of birth control pill.’
    • ‘I recently became pregnant while taking the birth control pill.’
    • ‘While it resembles a birth control pill in many areas, the patch presents benefits the pill doesn't.’
    • ‘If your teenage daughter is anemic and has heavy or irregular menstrual periods, in some cases her doctor may prescribe a birth control pill to help regulate the bleeding.’
    • ‘Women on the birth control pill or on hormone replacement therapy may also experience migraines more frequently.’
    • ‘A new version of the birth control pill could reduce the number of periods a woman has every year from 13 to four, according to an article in Newsweek.’
    • ‘Your doctor might switch you to a different birth control pill.’
    • ‘In this case, the patient was happy to pay extra money for the brand name birth control pill.’
    • ‘Tell your doctor about your family history before you start hormone therapy or the birth control pill.’
    • ‘It's a good idea to try to maintain a healthy weight, but don't assume that because you're overweight your birth control pill is useless.’
    • ‘How the method works for you depends on which type of birth control pill you are using.’
    • ‘The participants were fertile women who were not taking the birth control pill, but who were trying to avoid pregnancy and were using barrier contraception.’
    • ‘But I believe that the uses for this procedure are much much broader, and have implications for society that are greater than that produced by the birth control pill in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Second, birth control methods were not differentiated, and there may be different barriers to using condoms versus the birth control pill, for example.’
    • ‘It's often been said that the birth control pill, which became available to the public in the early 1960s, propelled the sexual revolution.’
    • ‘But then one forgets that a group of lifestyle medications has already been widely introduced in society, namely the birth control pill.’
    • ‘But the birth control pill, with its uncanny knack for regulating hormones, can keep the cysts away.’
    • ‘One way to restore a regular cycle is to go on a birth control pill, which functions as an estrogen supplement.’
    • ‘This is a solution of sorts, but like the birth control pill, it has a predictable failure rate.’
    • ‘I chose to stop taking the birth control pill because of my concern for its side effects, and one month after I got pregnant.’


birth control pill

/bərTH kənˈtrōl pil/ /bərθ kənˈtroʊl pɪl/