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  • 1The anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.

    as modifier ‘a birthday cake’
    • ‘I'm getting a dollhouse for my birthday’
    • ‘the birthday boy’
    • ‘Family and friends gathered around a huge birthday cake singing Happy Birthday.’
    • ‘Steve has made this cake on his birthday for his colleagues with an overwhelming positive response.’
    • ‘On our birthdays we have a cake and smiley-face stickers.’
    • ‘Apart from cakes on birthdays, few special foods are eaten at major secular ceremonies, although such ceremonies involve toasting and drinking alcohol.’
    • ‘Bruce was also feted with a cake for his birthday which was one week before.’
    • ‘Today lardy cakes are served for birthdays or special occasions.’
    • ‘Parents try to make their children's birthdays special with a cake, cards, and gifts.’
    • ‘Katie and Kelly, now celebrating their 21st birthdays, were born ten weeks premature and were initially given a 50-50 chance of survival.’
    • ‘I do remember his birthday, his wife's birthday, his two kids' birthdays, his anniversary and, of course, Christmas.’
    • ‘One thing was, there was a lot of talk about them flying the flag for Camilla's birthday.’
    • ‘He's just not happy with the poem I wrote for his wife's birthday, so he has to attack me.’
    • ‘If today is the first day of summer, then it must also be my baby sister's birthday.’
    • ‘The three were going to talk about what they were going to do for Zack's birthday.’
    • ‘You see my mother's birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting one for her.’
    • ‘The next time they saw each other was at Danielle's birthday party a couple of weeks later.’
    • ‘Once we got there we all left to go to some local restaurant, for Lindsay's birthday.’
    • ‘It was Will's eighteenth birthday and he was spending the day with his friends and me.’
    • ‘The husband of a friend of mine did this for her on her 30th birthday and she loved it!’
    • ‘He would not miss another birthday or any other important moment in her life again.’
    • ‘We visited the Polo Lounge for a friend's birthday last month and it was a real treat.’
    1. 1.1The day of a person's birth.
      ‘she shares a birthday with Paul McCartney’
      • ‘Here are a few prominent people that share their birthdays this month.’
      • ‘I was born on his birthday and the twelfth anniversary of his return to the throne.’
      • ‘My grandfather noted that the day I was born was also the birthday of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.’
      • ‘When Mrs Lee-Jones checked the dates she discovered that the two old girls' birthdays were just a day apart - Isobel's on March 2 and Lily's on March 3.’
      • ‘Others, who share their birthdays with the Queen Mother, arranged special parties themed around the big event.’
      • ‘Also we shared the same birthday.’
      • ‘As well as looking for people who share our birthday, we are keen to hear from anybody whose life has been touched by the paper.’
      • ‘He said that every year since his schooldays people have pointed out that he shares his birthday with the prince.’
      • ‘The Blair baby would also share a birthday with Queen Victoria, who was born in 1819.’
    2. 1.2The anniversary of something starting or being founded.
      ‘the staff celebrated the twenty-fifth birthday of the paper’
      • ‘Meanwhile, this Saturday is open day at the Hunt as the museum celebrates its seventh birthday.’
      • ‘The Big Issue in Scotland will also celebrate its seventh birthday on 29 June.’
      • ‘Google, celebrating its seventh birthday today, has revamped its video search service.’
      • ‘London shares were slightly lower in a week that saw The Motley Fool celebrate its seventh birthday.’



/ˈbərTHˌdā/ /ˈbərθˌdeɪ/


    in one's birthday suit
    • Naked.

      ‘I wanna walk around in my birthday suit.’
      • ‘I told her that despite it being cooler than usual… I'm still sleeping in my birthday suit.’
      • ‘Women looked away and parents shielded their children's eyes as a foreigner with a receding hairline pranced on the New Delhi railway platform in his birthday suit.’
      • ‘And a foxy new foreign exchange student strolls around school in her birthday suit.’
      • ‘I had to strip off and stand shivering in my birthday suit in calf-high water while she helped me wash.’
      • ‘However, if you do feel the need to run around in your birthday suit, then our advice would be to steer clear of Australia where such practices are met with a mandatory $5,000 fine.’
      • ‘At the prices these places charge I think you should be able to go round in your birthday suit if you want to.’
      • ‘I used to roll around in the snow in my birthday suit.’
      • ‘No, I thought I would go down in my birthday suit.’
      • ‘A lone biker contributed to the day's entertainment when he rode past the crowd clad only in his birthday suit.’