Definition of birthing room in English:

birthing room


  • A room in a hospital or other medical facility that is equipped for labor and childbirth and is designed to be comfortable and homelike.

    ‘At about 3am we heard a terrific wailing and squealing from another birthing room.’
    • ‘He is also a leader in the natural-birth movement, having introduced homelike birthing rooms and pools into French hospitals.’
    • ‘Hospitals now have birthing rooms with hot tubs and dim lights and accept the help of doulas to support the mother in having her ideal birth plan.’
    • ‘Dr. Penney's evidence was that it took only minutes to move someone from the birthing room to the operating room, which was located one floor above.’
    • ‘Michaela was led up to the birthing room, which looked very comfortable and home-like.’
    • ‘Plans show delivery and birthing rooms, recovery areas and related facilities.’
    • ‘The province is being urged to provide Ste Anne Hospital with a pair of modern birthing rooms.’
    • ‘I take his hand in mine and together we walk down the corridor to the sitting room next to Cassandra's birthing room.’
    • ‘A generation ago fathers weren't allowed into birthing rooms and didn't change diapers.’
    • ‘St. Vincent's moved the center's furniture into the hospital, bought a birthing tub, and announced that it had opened two birthing rooms.’
    • ‘But soon she mustered her strength, walked herself into the birthing room, and, following my whispered cues, settled into a cycle of deep abdominal breathing.’
    • ‘Inside the birthing room, it was hot and stuffy.’
    • ‘I found myself standing in a birthing room on Argon.’
    • ‘The board of South Eastman Health has lent its support for a community's attempt to raise money for the construction of a second birthing room, by endorsing the project.’
    • ‘A few minutes later, in a private birthing room, I found myself lying against a semi-comfortable bed.’
    • ‘The only other object in the birthing room had been a bowl of fruit.’
    • ‘He watched Marnie check in with the nurses at the desk, who then hustled her into a birthing room.’
    • ‘We are in the birthing room with a nurse and a boyish-looking resident now.’
    • ‘I was in the birthing room and after three pushes, the first baby popped out.’
    • ‘Epidural anaesthesia could be delivered in the birthing room instead of the operating theatre, allowing the father to be present.’