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(also bistre)
  • 1A brownish-yellowish pigment made from the soot of burned wood.

    ‘It is a drawing in bister and reed pen on paper with no watermark.’
    • ‘De los Reyes has created new bister on paper works, stainless steel sculptures and exquisite monochromatic paintings in this exciting follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2005 exhibition.’
    • ‘The color of bistre varies with the wood from which the soot was derived, but in general it has a warm, transparent brown tone.’
    1. 1.1The color of the pigment bister.
      ‘Conté sticks and pencils are available in a wide range of colours including the traditional black, white, sepia, bistre and sanguine.’
      • ‘The colors on French colonial stamps are often brilliant and in unusual combinations: fuchsia and turquoise, blue and orange, purple and bistre.’
      • ‘By little and little, the surface of the plate takes a yellow tint, which darkens more and more, approaching to bistre.’



/ˈbistər/ /ˈbɪstər/


Early 18th century from French, of unknown origin.