Definition of bitewing in English:



  • A dental film for X-raying the crowns of upper and lower teeth simultaneously and that is held in place by a tab between the teeth.

    ‘The American public needs to see his posterior bitewings from 1973 and a current series of bitewings to better judge the authenticity of the information provided.’
    • ‘Preventative services, including cleaning, polishing, fluoride and bitewing X-rays would be 100 per cent covered by the plan.’
    • ‘Panoramic and posterior bitewing radiographs were made for 96 consecutive patients.’
    • ‘If the dentist suspects there are cavities within that one year, they can take the bitewings again.’
    • ‘Vertical bitewing radiographs have been suggested for use in patients with periodontal disease.’
    • ‘Individuals with a low risk of decay and no visible caries should have bitewings every 24 to 36 months’
    • ‘Are bitewings of value in epidemiological studies of dental caries?’
    • ‘Visual comparison of antemortem and postmortem bitewing radiographs of children and adolescents were made by observers with a range of experience using an established protocol.’
    • ‘Ten observers assessed 84 surfaces on bitewing radiographs for their requirement of restorative treatment using a 6-rank confidence scale.’
    • ‘Individualized radiographic exam consisting of posterior bitewings with panoramic exam or posterior bitewings and selected periapical images.’
    • ‘The bitewing instruments are light and comfortable for the patient, versatile, and easy to use for dental personnel.’
    • ‘Can nonstandardized bitewing radiographs be used to assess the presence of alveolar bone loss in epidemiologic studies?’
    • ‘When bitewings are provided in conjunction with a panoramic film, all films are considered a complete intraoral series, and should be indicated as procedure 00210.’
    • ‘Bitewings are limited to four in a calendar year including any bitewings taken as part of a complete series as show in above.’
    • ‘Though machines vary, the average set of bitewing X-rays adds only as much radiation as you'd get from about three extra weeks of natural background radiation.’
    • ‘The dose to the thyroid gland from a single, intraoral exposure such as a bitewing is approximately 0.3 millirem.’



/ˈbītwiNG/ /ˈbaɪtwɪŋ/