Definition of bitter greens in English:

bitter greens

plural noun

North American
  • Mixed green leaves of a variety of salad vegetables with a bitter taste, such as endives, chicory, or spinach.

    • ‘Their caramel - sweetness then makes a sophisticated winter salad with bitter greens (endive, chicory), crumbled blue cheese, a sprinkling of freshly shelled walnuts or pecans, tossed in nut oil and sherry vinegar.’
    • ‘Nutty sweetbreads, bitter greens, gently brash shallots, and velvety chanterelles suffuse farfalle in well-oiled repertory.’
    • ‘This is especially important when salads contain bitter greens.’
    • ‘It was barely golden, full of sweet onions and bitter greens.’
    • ‘The meat had plenty of impact on its own, with some nicely sautéed fennel bulb and a heap of garlicky, thrillingly bitter greens at center plate.’
    • ‘And vegetables that accompany the latter - sweet-corn arepa and bitter greens - are spotlight stealers.’
    • ‘To keep your digestive juices flowing, try adding salads to your diet that are made from bitter greens such as dandelions, escarole, watercress and mustard greens.’
    • ‘Striped bass is enveloped by a delicious pan roast of clams, bitter greens, and tomato.’
    • ‘A dressing made from a fruity, full-flavored oil would provide a perfect contrast for a salad of bitter greens, she says.’
    • ‘He does it again with sweetly smoked duck breast buttressed by brash bitter greens.’
    • ‘Eat them at once on rustic toast, or as a component in a traditional cooked breakfast (great with runny scrambled eggs), or in a salad with bitter greens and lardons of smoked bacon.’
    • ‘The salad of arugula and parmegiano combines bitter greens, shaved cheese and a zesty dressing.’
    • ‘It's a salad that's got some bitter greens and celery with nashi and spring onions.’
    • ‘The salty chicken broth of escarole soup bore seductive mini meatballs, tender bits of bitter greens and near translucent flakes of scrambled egg and Parmesan.’
    • ‘The salad of arugula and parmegiano consisted of pleasantly bitter greens, shards of freshly shaved cheese and a zesty but not too present dressing.’
    • ‘Wild's mushroom tartlets and duck with bitter greens, which we've adapted from his Bay Wolf Restaurant Cookbook, are our new favorite fall Pinot partners.’
    • ‘Plan meals around foods like sprouts, berries, and bitter greens.’
    • ‘For example, after winter he recommends bitter greens to help cleanse and detoxify the body.’
    • ‘The grilled squid, consisting of large, thinly cut pieces of squid with some bitter greens, was tender and excellent.’
    • ‘The highlight, though, was the grilled halibut special; it came served on a bed of bitter greens, and was beautifully cooked and tender.’