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‘Still, the fossil episode highlights an underlying bittiness, when Dark is suddenly referred to as ‘the man’, as if we have never encountered him before.’
  • ‘In moving towards biography you must have felt that journalism was insufficiently rewarded to provide a living and also that its bittiness was in itself too limiting?’
  • ‘The Empire Strikes Back, for all its bittiness, is a damn fine film, only ruined by proximity to and culpability for Return of the Jedi.’
  • ‘Sorry, I'm a bit distracted at the mo, hence the bittiness, so I'll stop now.’
  • ‘The air of bittiness is intensified by the knowledge that the two longest stories, The Bellarosa Connection and A Theft, have already appeared as standalone books themselves.’



/ˈbidēnəs/ /ˈbɪdinəs/