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adjectiveadjective bittier, adjective bittiest

informal North American
  • Tiny.

    • ‘a little bitty house’
    • ‘But Kansas City brings it all together with more than 90 barbecue joints - from little bitty eateries to full-blown, nothing-but-barbecue restaurants.’
    • ‘My great-great uncle's funeral was held in Winchester, this little bitty town outside of Giddings which is on the way to Austin.’
    • ‘Why doesn't the guy behave like a 45-year-old man instead of a little bitty boy?’
    • ‘I know there's stuff for little bitty kids, but I don't know the publisher.’
    • ‘Look at this little bitty mammal, barely bigger than a paper clip.’
    • ‘Yes, when we moved out from New York I was a little bitty girl and the first people to welcome us to the neighborhood were the Hopes.’
    • ‘And this explained why his book had seemed so huge: it was huge in proportion to his little bitty hands.’
    • ‘I watch these young'uns up on this mountain walking past on their way to the school bus, just little bitty things.’
    • ‘It totally would fit in my little bitty purse and still give me room for my phone, wallet, and other stuff.’
    • ‘I think the adversarial part of it comes from the fact that the technicians from the testing lab are beat up and worn out, and they're driving a little bitty pickup truck with 50 cylinders in the back.’
    • ‘The camera is, in fact, tracking them, but they are moving so slowly, in such little bitty steps, and the distance between them remains so steady, that they look as if they're not moving at all.’
    • ‘I heard on the Discovery Channel that they have little bitty legs, like nubs.’
    • ‘It's an amazing sight to see: Little bitty ducklings hunting bugs like cats after mice.’
    • ‘Even with that little bitty voice she had, she could sort of scare you a little bit.’
    • ‘He wanted to be a marine since he was a little bitty guy.’
    • ‘I'm just a pebble in the stream, a little bitty shareholder.’
    • ‘They make little bitty cubicles and stuff people in them.’
    • ‘I've only seen the bitty roaches out here in Brooklyn.’
    • ‘How such a bitty thing could be so heavy I had no clue.’
    • ‘Ali, who was two at the time, loved the story about the little girl who lived in a teeny, weeny house and played with itty, bitty toys.’



/ˈbidē/ /ˈbɪdi/