Definition of black art in English:

black art


usually the black art
another term for black magic
‘It appears to get there by some black magic known only to those with knowledge of the black arts.’
  • ‘Faustus calls on them to teach him the black arts.’
  • ‘A man named Seveni, a master of the black arts, brainwashed the country into a revolt against its own king and queen.’
  • ‘Spending a night in the library of an old friend and scholar of the black arts, the narrator becomes curious about the object in question.’
  • ‘The process is really pretty simple, but there is an element of magic - or black art - involved.’
  1. 1.1 humorous A technique or practice considered mysterious and sinister.
    ‘the black art of political news management’
    • ‘Prior to the 1970s, cryptography was a black art, understood and practised by only a few government and military personnel.’
    • ‘In the following centuries the sophists became masters of rhetoric, and taught this sometimes black art to the politicians and lawmen of their day.’
    • ‘In the black art of politics, as in the basics of comedy, timing is everything.’
    • ‘Like many other people in business, I have become increasingly frustrated and exasperated with the masters of the black art of spin.’
    • ‘In short, the seminar, given every other month, takes engine management from a black art to a science.’
    • ‘In fact, dealing with computers sometimes seems like an art - a black art to be precise.’
    • ‘But of course no policy can be written such that it allows for every possibility, not to mention that semiconductor manufacturing can sometimes be as much a black art as a science.’
    • ‘Its a combination of black art and number crunching.’
    • ‘Purveyors of the black art of public relations are not supposed to forget the cardinal rule - never become the story rather than the storyteller.’
    • ‘But credit scoring is a black art: the firm does not have to tell you how it has worked out your score, or why you might have been turned down for a low rate.’
    • ‘He also has no compulsion about using the black art of spin.’
    • ‘Compromise, the core of the political process, is regarded not as an art but as a black art.’
    • ‘Her has learned from his uncle the black art of doing the deal and has made a bob or two on the way.’
    • ‘Assessing CEO compensation is a bit of a black art.’
    • ‘The only valid lesson a dispassionate observer can make from the inclusion of that line in the movie is how skilled the director is at the black art of propaganda.’
    • ‘It is through this understanding that acoustics has evolved from a black art into an established field of engineering.’
    • ‘To those not familiar with the black arts of spin, a non-denial denial is a denial of something that wasn't said.’
    • ‘It therefore makes sense for a manufacturer to leave the black arts of selling to other companies and simply sell the technology.’
    • ‘As every journalist in the town knows, Lucky Louis is no stranger to the black arts of PR.’
    • ‘His hopes now rest on those black arts of rhetoric and presentation.’


black art

/blak ärt/ /blæk ɑrt/