Definition of black bottom pie in English:

black bottom pie


  • Pie with a bottom layer of chocolate cream or custard and a contrasting top layer, usually of whipped cream.

    ‘Chocolate chip pecan pie and black bottom pie are also special additions to the menu for $3.50.’
    • ‘Recipes for traditional black bottom pie call for a custard filling that is not baked after assembly.’
    • ‘Every time I go there, it brings me back to my childhood… and brings me a slice or two of their black bottom pie.’
    • ‘For this installment of our ongoing series, a reader shares with us the black bottom pie she learned to make from her mother, who claimed to have gotten the recipe from the old Dobbs House Restaurant some 50 years ago.’
    • ‘A couple of pies that were once on the menu have been taken off since Sanchez has been at the restaurant, but coconut meringue, lemon meringue, apple, maple pecan and black bottom pies are still made daily.’