Definition of black light in English:

black light


  • Ultraviolet or infrared radiation, invisible to the eye.

    ‘They are made visible primarily by black light on fluorescent paint that is strategically applied to sets, props and various parts of bodies.’
    • ‘She also used black light in some light sculptures to create glowing bluish reflections that gave a somber, nighttime appearance to them.’
    • ‘On the wall at each end are two small monitors that hold in black light the illuminated images of ships passing.’
    • ‘The only light was black light and the whole room seemed to glow with rapidly moving figures around one another.’
    • ‘A team led by the engineering professor is mixing fluorescent dyes with standard polymers to create low-cost plastics that glow under black light.’


black light

/blak līt/ /blæk laɪt/