Definition of blackfish in English:


nounplural noun blackfish, plural noun blackfishes

  • 1Any of a number of dark-colored fish.

    an open-ocean fish related to the perches (genera Centrolophus and Schedophilus, family Centrolophidae), in particular the large and widespread C. niger
    ('Alaska blackfish') a small fish occurring along the Arctic coasts of Alaska and Siberia, noted for its ability to withstand freezing (Dallia pectoralis, family Umbridae)
    ('river blackfish') a large fish of Australian rivers (Gadopsis marmoratus, family Gadopsidae)
    a salmon just after spawning

    ‘Next in order of estimation come two somewhat smaller species, both of the genus Actinopyga: the blackfish and the deep-water redfish.’
    • ‘Many people criticize the eating qualities of tailor and blackfish but if treated the same way as dart, they are top table fish.’
    • ‘Much of our traditional winter run of bream, tailor and blackfish have gone and we wait for the good whiting and flathead of the summer months.’
    • ‘Hopefully next week I will have many good reports of tailor and bream, maybe even blackfish, as the season is about to begin in earnest.’
    • ‘He asked his mom, who kindly informed us that it would be blackfish, a fairly popular fish in many parts of Asia.’
  • 2

    another term for pilot whale



/ˈblakˌfiSH/ /ˈblækˌfɪʃ/