Definition of blacklead in English:



another term for graphite
‘Strand upon strand bonded to the blacklead with a binding agent known only to few.’
  • ‘Works can be rendered in blacklead or metallic pencil or in colour using various mediums or in monotone or duotone or in black and white.’
  • ‘The grate will need no other cleaning, but will merely require dusting every day, and occasionally brushing with a dry blacklead brush.’
  • ‘Slate is composed of clay, lime, quartz and blacklead, which because of thousands of years of pressure, have melted together.’
  • ‘The blacklead pencils have HB lead that is extremely tough and able to withstand a great deal of maltreatment!’
  • ‘My mom used to blacklead the stove - we lived in a council house which had a Yorkshire Range and she polished it with blacklead out of a tin.’



/ˈblakˌled/ /ˈblækˌlɛd/