Definition of blackpoll in English:



(also blackpoll warbler)
  • A North American warbler, the male of which has a black cap, white cheeks, and white underparts streaked with black.

    Dendroica striata, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae

    ‘A palm warbler is sighted in a patch of willows, which also teems with catbirds, warbling vireos, yellow warblers, and a blackpoll or two.’
    • ‘Palm warblers come early in the season, weeks before bay-breasteds and blackpolls, whose appearance indicates that the migration is winding down.’
    • ‘Observations of common goldeneye and blackpoll warbler near Baker Lake were farther north than expected.’
    • ‘What makes the blackpoll warbler strike out south in the fall after a cold front is probably not fundamentally different from what motivates me to jog down a country road on a warm and sunny day.’
    • ‘Other passerines, such as blackpoll warblers, American tree sparrows and lapland long-spurs, may be similarly affected.’



/ˈblakˌpōl/ /ˈblækˌpoʊl/