Definition of blacktail deer in English:

blacktail deer


(also black-tailed deer)
  • A type of mule deer with black markings on the upper side of its tail, found west of the crest of the Cascade Mountains.

    Odocoileus hemionus subsp. columbianus, family Cervidae

    ‘The man from Eugene, Oregon and has successfully hunted blacktail deer for over 30 years.’
    • ‘These are the smaller blacktail deer that inhabit the coastal range from Mid-California to Alaska.’
    • ‘Hair loss syndrome is a debilitating condition that causes blacktail deer to constantly chew at their fur.’
    • ‘Although Alaska is home to bigger, more dangerous and more glamorous big game, Sitka blacktail deer hold a special place in the hearts of some hunters.’
    • ‘Columbian blacktail deer are the subspecies of blacktails native to the Bay Area and normally inhabit a 100-mile-wide band of woodlands and coastal mountains extending inland from the Pacific Ocean.’


blacktail deer

/ˌblaktāl ˈdir/ /ˌblækteɪl ˈdɪr/