Definition of bladdered in English:



informal British
  • Extremely drunk.

    • ‘It's always the same when he gets drunk, but he must have been really bladdered to trash his business.’
    • ‘It takes on a sinister undertone in the incapable vocals of a bladdered bunch of footy fans.’
    • ‘People don't seem to realise that if they go out and get bladdered the night before, the chances are they will still be over the limit in the morning.’
    • ‘When they get bladdered it is on Cristal champagne, not stout.’
    • ‘It's a really good atmosphere and when anyone does get really bladdered the staff won't give them any more drink.’
    • ‘Around about now I start to feel very boring and restricted and in real need of going out and getting bladdered.’
    • ‘Advice along the lines of, ‘Get 'em all bladdered at lunch time and they'll never notice’ has already been voted down as being impractical.’
    • ‘For about 12 quid, one can join this boat and get pretty well bladdered as the price includes as much beer as you can drink.’
    • ‘The idea of getting bladdered didn't appeal very much.’
    • ‘That week was my birthday and, even though I had a wee cold, I got utterly bladdered and smoked far too many cheap fags.’
    • ‘It was weird being the only sober one amongst the completely bladdered players.’
    • ‘Local pubs charge people to use their toilet facilities, but the canals remain free for the bladdered who've lost their inhibitions.’
    • ‘Try it next time you're bladdered, I think you'll find it's true.’
    • ‘After a night out with the boys, he returns home bladdered.’
    • ‘I wish I could appear that bladdered in public without being arrested!’
    • ‘But I live over 30 miles away and their idea of a good time is going to the local bars and getting bladdered.’
    • ‘Having got completely bladdered by midnight we all headed back to the cinema to watch the film.’
    • ‘Since most of the buyers had been given lots of free booze, they were too bladdered to be bothered.’
    • ‘I can only console myself with the thought that all my diving mates were equally bladdered and therefore unlikely to recall my antics.’
    • ‘I wish I had gone out and got bladdered instead of having a quiet night in with my family.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin



/ˈbladərd/ /ˈblædərd/