Definition of bladderwrack in English:


(also bladder wrack)

Pronunciation /ˈbladərˌrak/ /ˈblædərˌræk/

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  • A common brown shoreline seaweed that has tough flat fronds containing air bladders that give buoyancy.

    Fucus vesiculosus, class Phaeophyceae

    ‘The patch impregnated with extracts of a sea algae called bladderwrack is not a diet but naturally reduces appetite, helping slimmers to lose weight gradually.’
    • ‘The doctor mentions a ‘botanical thyroid formula’ that she put her patient on, consisting of coleus, bladderwrack, guggul and so forth.’
    • ‘You can walk over rough slabs, cannon-ball boulders, limpets and bladderwrack to delight in the over-the-waves-views all the way to the white cliffs of Flamborough Head.’
    • ‘Products containing guarana, garcinia, and bladderwrack are being touted as effective, although there isn't any scientific evidence that they'll help shed pounds.’
    • ‘The smash and grab antics of sea trout as they snatch your fly and tear away into the bladderwrack is a heart stopping experience most trout anglers would give their eye teeth for.’