Definition of blamelessly in English:



See blameless

‘You are all warned that I have had another birthday (a day passed blamelessly planting fruit trees and setting up an armilliary sundial).’
  • ‘They are obviously right to be arguing for more public education - but there is only so much good that such blamelessly admirable appeals do.’
  • ‘They are a married couple from London who have lived happily and blamelessly together for more than 20 years.’
  • ‘Of course, I'm not claiming to lead my life blamelessly on this path - far from it - but to me it's a good road map.’
  • ‘Do not target those who are coming up behind you and are blamelessly attempting to forge careers in an increasingly hostile environment.’



/ˈblāmləslē/ /ˈbleɪmləsli/