Definition of blankie in English:



(also blanky)
  • A blanket, especially a child's security blanket.

    • ‘our youngest used to drag her blankie around with her everywhere’
    • ‘She tucked me into the chair under a nice, warm blankie.’
    • ‘For the past year we've been trying to wean her off her blankie.’
    • ‘Sleeping with an animal for comfort is not like sucking your thumb or dragging a blankie around.’
    • ‘I, myself, would crack like an egg and end up weeping on the floor for my blankie.’
    • ‘I spent most of yesterday evening falling asleep on the sofa with my blankie wrapped round me.’
    • ‘For some of us it was a 'blanky', for others it was an imaginary friend, and for many, it seems, it was a teddy.’
    • ‘I didn't have one single 'blankie', or doll, or other such object to which I was fixedly attached.’
    • ‘When we went to school yesterday we told her that blankie would be waiting in her bedroom.’
    • ‘Years ago, as we became aware of her attachment, we made it clear that blankie can't ever leave the house.’
    • ‘Who would begrudge me a soft little blankie that smells like the dryer?’
    • ‘The weekend was such a waste, too, because I missed the opportunity to curl up with a blankie and a good book while watching the rain.’



/ˈblaNGkē/ /ˈblæŋki/