Definition of blankly in English:



  • 1In a way that is plain and characterized by a lack of decorative or other features.

    ‘the suburbs that stretch blankly along the routes out from the city’
    ‘his clothes are blankly white’
    • ‘Gothic, Tudor, or blankly contemporary, it is still a shallow, smooth, plastic frame that can jar with the solid character of brick, wood, or stone.’
    • ‘The lead characters' brisk professionalism makes them seem as blankly anonymous as the collection of stereotypes surrounding them.’
    • ‘They were so blankly, stylelessly sensible that they might have been orthopedic appliances.’
    • ‘In Act Two, the police chief inhabits a blankly bureaucratic hall hung with yellowing maps.’
    • ‘They gave tips to add some beautiful decor to the blankly decorated master bedroom.’
  • 2In a way that shows a lack of interest or engagement.

    ‘the class looked back blankly’
    ‘my home life consists of staring blankly at the television’
    • ‘She opens the door again to the see the blankly smiling Englishman standing under his umbrella.’
    • ‘The minister grabbed it with both hands, rattled off his order, and then looked across the table at me rather blankly.’
    • ‘It's funny how the critics can just sit there blankly as it goes by, and then away they go!’
    • ‘You could make your own generic electroclash record by talking blankly in a vaguely European accent.’
    • ‘Each act of violence plays against a subtle though constantly palpable sense of a blankly indifferent world.’
    • ‘Most of them will stare blankly at you and say, "I dunno."’
    • ‘Sitting at his desk, staring blankly at the teacher, he thought of the night before.’
    • ‘The seven members blinked blankly back at him, all trying to look as if they understood.’
    • ‘If you were like most people, you'd nod blankly and move to another seat.’
    • ‘He watched the sitcom blankly, and she doubted he was actually paying it any attention.’
    1. 2.1In a way that temporarily shows no emotion or understanding, especially as a result of shock.
      ‘he stared blankly at the freshly dug grave and new tombstone’
      ‘the policeman's jaw had dropped in bewilderment and he was eyeing him blankly’
      • ‘After receiving the news, he found her sitting on her bed, staring blankly at the wall.’
      • ‘As I kept looking blankly into space, I heard the wind howling outside.’
      • ‘I stood there blankly staring at the spot they had vanished from until a firm hand came down upon my shoulder.’
      • ‘The people around me have started losing it, mentally and physically, some with hands over ears, heads shaking blankly at the madness of it all.’
      • ‘"My knees have gone numb," Emmy thought, blankly astonished.’
  • 3In an absolute or blunt manner.

    ‘the hospital has blankly refused to carry out tests’
    ‘officials have stated blankly that they will never extradite the operatives’
    • ‘He said the owner of the gym blankly refused to pay the rest.’
    • ‘A lot of philosophy is more blankly nonhistorical now than it has ever been.’
    • ‘It's the most immediate and vibrant release he's made yet, but it'd be wrong to blankly call it a triumph.’
    • ‘He blankly refuses to believe that Hawkeye has betrayed them.’
    • ‘When he's not blankly canoodling with his new bride, he's timidly asking anyone within earshot if they're mad at him.’
    • ‘He probably has in mind Spinoza's blankly chilling proposition that "He who loves God cannot endeavor that God love him in return."’
    • ‘The dancers come across like a gang of blankly naughty overgrown children.’
    • ‘He testifies blankly that he did not design the homes, and that he objected to the changes made to them.’
    • ‘It challenges the listener, one minute cutting you blankly dead in your tracks, the next minute swooning you with a roughly cut appeal.’
    • ‘He plays the blankly charming hero against her sinister clown with squeaking, Chekhovian shoes.’