Definition of blastocoel in English:



(also blastocoele)
  • The fluid-filled cavity of a blastula.

    ‘Inside this spherical mass of cells, a fluid-filled cavity - the blastocoel - develops in the animal region and the embryo is now called a blastula.’
    • ‘Involution occurs here, as cells divide and push other cells into the blastocoel from the top of the dorsal lip.’
    • ‘The blastocoel appears bright grey, the animal cap darker-gray and the vegetal pole black.’
    • ‘These pouches eventually fill the blastocoel forming two new pouches, the coelom.’
    • ‘The graduate student of the well-known professor had furthered the experiment with mice blastocoels.’



/ˈblastəˌsēl/ /ˈblæstəˌsil/