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  • 1In an open and unashamed manner.

    ‘yet another space show that blatantly disregarded scientific fact’
    • ‘she didn't want to be blatantly rude’
    • ‘It's typical of the organisation to blatantly ignore a growing problem.’
    • ‘These are nothing but sheer frauds, where rules have been blatantly violated.’
    • ‘His movies stretch and sometimes blatantly ignore laws of physics.’
    • ‘I admitted that I just blatantly steal other people's links.’
    • ‘Lizzy was reluctant to lie blatantly.’
    • ‘They blatantly refuse to acknowledge the guiding principles of normal scientific inquiry.’
    • ‘He has blatantly and flagrantly broken the law.’
    • ‘He blatantly breached the confidentiality agreement.’
    • ‘Vehicles are blatantly disobeying the no-traffic hours.’
    • ‘I get very frustrated seeing cyclists giving us all a bad name by blatantly flouting the rules of the road.’
    1. 1.1In a completely obvious and unsubtle way.
      ‘it's blatantly her first kiss’
      • ‘It's blatantly obvious that the writers are American.’
      • ‘He started doing skids on his bike, blatantly trying to scare me.’
      • ‘It has become blatantly clear that the people are not happy with the level of political representation that they are currently receiving.’
      • ‘Having been to several Christmas parties it has become blatantly obvious to me that I cannot dance.’
      • ‘ It seems blatantly obvious that only well designed clinical investigations can establish the truth.’
      • ‘This simplistic assumption seems blatantly foolish.’
      • ‘This case appears blatantly unfair and discriminatory.’
      • ‘The whole thing was blatantly rigged of course.’
      • ‘This section is blatantly copied from Wikipedia.’
      • ‘The third goal was so blatantly offside I don't even know what to say about it.’



/ˈblāt(ə)ntlē/ /ˈbleɪt(ə)ntli/