Definition of bleacher in English:



  • 1A person or thing that bleaches.

    • ‘It was usual practice for the finishing trades of the bleachers and dyers to develop alongside hosiery.’
    • ‘And I find it rather hard to identify with linen bleachers and farm workers.’
    • ‘The arrival of French bleachers who developed the town's textile industry in the late 1760s added to it.’
    • ‘In 1801 it was sold again, to bleacher Richard Ainsworth of Moss Bank, Halliwell and the Ainsworths were the last family to live in it before the Hall was sold to Bolton Corporation in 1938.’
    • ‘Luckier was John Whitehead, bleacher of Lowercroft, who would have been aboard the Rothsay Castle but for a last-minute change of plan.’
  • 2usually bleachersNorth American A cheap bench seat at a sports ground, typically in an outdoor uncovered stand.

    ‘there's a pudgy man in the bleachers pacing the aisles’
    • ‘On their way to practice they noticed Kendra sitting on the bleachers on the old court, with a photo album.’
    • ‘We had our own designated section of the bleachers, and were supposed to spend at least half of each game there.’
    • ‘I cringed as the crowd of Clemington students next to me began screaming names across the gym bleachers.’
    • ‘My mother glanced at student cheering side of the bleachers and frowned.’
    • ‘There were Scots standing in the bleachers and hanging from windowsills, screaming wildly for me.’
    • ‘I spent the basketball practice seated in my usual spot in the bleachers.’
    • ‘They're plastic bleachers, the kind where the whole row shakes if the guy nine chairs down from you crosses his legs.’
    • ‘Kevin shuffled to the bleachers and poured water all over his head.’
    • ‘They sit on the bleachers inside Matthews Arena and clap and stomp and cheer their lungs out when the Huskies score.’
    • ‘She wasn't a cheerleader and this was one of the first times a non-cheerleader had sat on the bleachers after their practices in a long time.’
    • ‘It was on the day before the game when she was sitting in the bleachers, just waiting for the practice to end, that she saw a blonde cheerleader prance over to River and kiss him.’
    • ‘I joined the other dancers on our reserved bleacher seats.’
    • ‘Ballplayers were accessible in the 1950s and if you called out to George from the bleachers, there was a good chance that he would call back.’
    • ‘‘Take a seat in the bleachers,’ the teacher, a young man who looked barely out of college, said.’
    • ‘When I entered the stadium, it was evident that those scattered throughout the bleachers were attending the game for various reasons.’
    • ‘We were sitting on the bleachers after practice and we were getting ready for a game against a neighboring town's school, the Mallory High Eagles.’
    • ‘Tell your little friend she has to wait in the bleachers until practice is over!’
    • ‘Becoming an official offered the chance to keep from sitting on hard bleachers or having to work in areas that prevented them from watching their children swim.’
    • ‘I guessed Matthew had not seen me sitting in the bleachers, and then his back turned to face the bleachers opposite me, as he began to talk with the two coaches standing with him.’
    • ‘Returning to the main point, I fully agree that for those in the humanities to remain woefully ignorant of the sciences is to remain in the bleachers of an intellectual life.’