Definition of bleary-eyed in English:


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(also blear-eyed)
  • (of a person) having bleary eyes.

    ‘When we first see the rooster, he's gargling some water, and he's bleary-eyed; obviously, he just got up after a long boozy night.’
    • ‘There a lot of bleary-eyed people outside the coffee shop where we've been standing for a couple of hours now.’
    • ‘But perk up, my bleary-eyed friends: there are still a few well-after-sundown TV distractions worth seeking out.’
    • ‘The strike threat could further fray the shattered nerves of dozens of bleary-eyed wives, mothers and sisters who remained camped outside Carandiru.’
    • ‘At dawn you'll find him bumping around the Coomera Valley with a van full of bleary-eyed passengers in tow and a basket creaking on the trailer behind.’
    • ‘A few days later, a bleary-eyed Dan crawled shame-facedly into his truck.’
    • ‘And as any bleary-eyed parent may attest, getting your baby on a normal sleep schedule can be the key to survival.’
    • ‘The chart-topping star spoke to the rather bleary-eyed Barbara for a couple of minutes before he passed the phone back to Jason and was ushered away by his minders.’
    • ‘When I say get by, I'm still bleary-eyed and coffee-dependent in the morning.’
    • ‘I don't really miss it that much - I never liked making a bleary-eyed idiot of myself or the subsequent hangovers.’
    • ‘She is a bleary-eyed woman with long, uncombed brown hair, still dressed in her pajamas.’
    • ‘Her guest was slightly bleary-eyed this morning, his thick hair tousled over his brow.’
    • ‘Instead of the grim faces of commuters on their way into work, people were bleary-eyed but smiling for no particular reason.’
    • ‘By the end of the set, the formerly bleary-eyed audience was readily engaged.’
    • ‘To a bleary-eyed child after a night at sea with the Burns Laird line, the noise of the Belfast men at work seemed deafening.’
    • ‘A bleary-eyed Dan stood looking uncertainly at Cary.’
    • ‘The three bleary-eyed women did not see the beauty in the brightening when they looked up at the sky and only felt ill at ease when they did.’
    • ‘My first instinct, because I was bleary-eyed after a very late night, was that it must be the first of April.’
    • ‘The party's finale after dawn sees bleary-eyed guests comforting Joe for the loss of his sister.’
    • ‘I promise I'm not gonna get all weepy and bleary-eyed here.’



/ˈbliriˌīd/ /ˈblɪrɪˌaɪd/