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in singular
  • 1God's favor and protection.

    ‘may God continue to give us his blessing’
    • ‘Continue to lead me and guide me in that way by the blessing of your Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘The other essential part of the marriage service is the invocation of divine blessing.’
    • ‘We are given the blessing that Hashem should bless us, protect us, and favor us.’
    • ‘This hope is the ultimate blessing of the Holy Spirit to a baptized people.’
    • ‘Even a number of Muslims come to the mutt for the blessing of His Holiness.’
    • ‘When we make a beginning and exert some effort, a Divine blessing may come.’
    • ‘On our own, we are insufficient receptacles to contain the divine blessing.’
    • ‘The song is a prayer for God's blessing on the land and all its people.’
    • ‘Open our souls and our hearts to the guidance of your Spirit, that your blessing may become our eternal praise of you.’
    • ‘He was filled with a longing for God's glory and for spiritual blessing.’
    • ‘These gifts were first a blessing from you to us, God of blessings.’
    • ‘In Christ, we have been given every spiritual blessing, and the capacity to hear the Holy Spirit is one of those blessings.’
    • ‘Second, there is no greater happiness possible than the heavenly blessing of Divine sonship in Jesus, the SON of God.’
    • ‘The oil poured on David's head by Samuel became a vehicle through which the blessing of the Holy Spirit was released in his life to equip him for his task as king.’
    • ‘Indeed, He is the source of EVERY spiritual blessing that God has to offer.’
    • ‘Then, by touching keys on a screen, one receives an electronic blessing from the Dharma Master, whose video image is projected on the wall.’
    • ‘But in order to do the practice, you have to meet with the right situation and this meeting itself is the extraordinary blessing of the Dharma.’
    • ‘The service begins with: ‘The blessing of our Lord Jesus be on you and on this dwelling place.’’
    • ‘It is a way of mutual support - lay people supply food, medicine, and cloth for robes, and monks give spiritual support, blessings, and teachings.’
    protection, favour
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    1. 1.1A prayer asking for God's favor and protection.
      ‘a priest gave a blessing as the ship was launched’
      • ‘Gamaliel defined no more than the beginnings and ends of blessings, leaving the prayer leader or individual worshipper to improvise on the set theme.’
      • ‘God, Allah, the Buddha, or Shiva requires you to offer a sacrifice, a prayer or a blessing.’
      • ‘It seems as though all those doubts and worries had been transformed into prayers and blessings, which had then been abundantly answered.’
      • ‘Sabbath candles are lit and there are Sabbath blessings, prayers, songs and readings.’
      • ‘The blessing begins with a prayer for the mother's health.’
      • ‘Jewish spirituality recommends saying a prayer or reciting a blessing whenever you notice, even for a moment, that something is going right.’
      • ‘The church now echoed with whimpering cries as the priest said his final prayers and blessings.’
      • ‘If nothing else, but by the sheer magnitude of blessings and prayers for the ‘boys in blue’, India stands a terrific chance of bringing home the Cup!’
      • ‘Bishop John McAreavey imparted blessings at a special prayer ceremony in which pupils, special guests, governors, parents and staff took part.’
      • ‘After the circumcision, which occurs very quickly and without much pain, a celebration of food, prayers, and blessings follows.’
      • ‘‘It was your blessings and prayers that helped me complete this trick successfully,’ he said.’
      • ‘The reburials of the bones are to be take place with ‘a very low key service’ with prayers and blessings, said the diocesan spokesman.’
      • ‘When a great man like an Isaac makes a blessing, that blessing affects spiritual forces and becomes a reality.’
      • ‘He therefore validated Yaakov's blessings, and recognized Yaakov as the sole spiritual inheritor of the blessings.’
      • ‘A long blessing of praise to God for salvation follows.’
      • ‘And when it's inserted into our prayer of many blessings, it's specifically inserted into the blessing which describes the unique power of God.’
      • ‘By the time that he was done, the Holy Spirit had caused Balaam to speak a rich blessing upon Israel.’
      • ‘Popes traditionally deliver the blessing at Christmas and Easter.’
      • ‘When you say grace, include a blessing for all those you depend on.’
      • ‘This past Thanksgiving, she offered a Navajo blessing as the invocation for the Sunday service.’
      blessing, prayer, invocation, dedication
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    2. 1.2Grace said before or after a meal.
      ‘If we speak of the celebration as ‘blessing,’ then, we do so in the same sense that saying grace at meals is blessing.’
      • ‘Brother Dave offered a blessing on our evening meal, and asked for guidance in staying focused over the next few days.’
      • ‘Lastly, the master of ceremonies could give the meal blessing.’
      • ‘I say a small blessing before each meal.’
      • ‘Quigley and I took our seats and after we had said the blessing over the meal, we dug in.’
      • ‘The main preparation is the festive meal that follows the Bris, which is accompanied by special blessings during the Grace After Meals.’
      • ‘I prayed a blessing over his meal (cheeseburger, onion rings and a large coffee), fellowshipped with him for half an hour and promised to pray for him to find a job.’
      • ‘The emcee announced that the priest was going to say a blessing and grace before we ate, and as he stood up to do so, I noticed a spider inching along the tablecloth towards me.’
      • ‘The act of slowing down begins with the blessing of a meal.’
      • ‘Therefore, one should not say a blessing over any forbidden or stolen food, since this is not a blessing but a blasphemy.’
      • ‘Grace is a short prayer said at mealtime, a blessing and thanksgiving occasioned by eating.’
      • ‘With a quickly prayed prayer of blessing for the food, the two of them began tucking in.’
      • ‘It is customary on this day to eat from the fruits of trees, and to recite the appropriate blessing of thanksgiving before eating.’
      benediction, dedication, consecration, invocation, commendation, prayer for someone, intercession
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    3. 1.3A beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.
      ‘great intelligence can be a curse as well as a blessing’
      • ‘it's a blessing we're alive’
      • ‘I DO agree with Roger Perry that we live in a beautiful world and that we have many blessings to be grateful for.’
      • ‘He and Ronny spoke many times about their desire for people everywhere to have the benefit and the blessings of freedom.’
      • ‘But the warmth is a blessing and a boon for aching backs after a day of off-road trials.’
      • ‘These are blessings for which I am grateful every day.’
      • ‘They were easier to use, they had sticky tape instead of safety pins and - blessing of blessings - you could just throw them away when they became soiled.’
      • ‘You give and you take, which is not always that easy or that natural, and having a life where you have to give and have to take is a blessing among all your blessings.’
      • ‘In doing so, they are depriving themselves of the numerous blessings and rewards of fasting.’
      • ‘Thus the child whom the parents consider unwanted may be a blessing to the family religiously and economically.’
      • ‘The blessings of religion can be ours only when we are ready to live its recommended values.’
      • ‘Since they do not know how to handle this blessing it is no longer a blessing for them; it is actually a curse!’
      • ‘Halting this form of extinction will be a blessing to creation, and hopefully a blessing to you.’
      • ‘Peace grows when the graces of God and the blessings of Earth are not considered possessions to be protected but divine gifts intended for all.’
      • ‘One of the great blessings of our time is the symphony of spiritual possibilities available to the seeker.’
      • ‘In his presence at last, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that not only was I given the blessing of meeting him, but that a pure spirit of love connected us.’
      • ‘There's also the blessings of a regular prayer time and the habit of prayerful Scripture reading.’
      • ‘However, ultimately we have to recognize that earnings from business are also a Divine blessing, and not just the fruits of luck or of our own cleverness.’
      • ‘The birth of a child is considered a divine blessing.’
      • ‘Falkirk's big home support are a marvellous blessing, but occasionally a curse.’
      • ‘The political and economic system achieved a high degree of legitimacy, bringing together classes in support of the blessings of the British constitution and a free trade economy.’
      • ‘These natural blessings supported Cambodia's ancient culture, the glorious vestiges of which can still be clearly seen in the ruins at Angkor Wat.’
      advantage, benefit, help, boon, good thing, godsend, favour, gift, convenience
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    4. 1.4A person's sanction or support.
      ‘he gave the plan his blessing even before it was announced’
      • ‘John Paul is one of the Woodfield area candidates taking part in the mayoral event and he will give his blessings to all who support this venture.’
      • ‘Jones said although her bandmates at Request were sad to see her go, they gave her their blessings and support.’
      • ‘If you're still sure that you want to make this travel, you'll have all my support and my blessings.’
      • ‘Mama is still upset that money is causing such strife around the house, but refuses to give any money or blessings to anything supporting alcohol.’
      • ‘Their friends had gone positively nuts at it and all pledged blessings and support.’
      • ‘So I want you to know that just this once, you have my support and my blessing.’
      • ‘The public consultation period on the Westmead skatepark ended last Thursday, just as Chippenham Town Council gave its blessing for the plans to proceed.’
      • ‘English Heritage said it could only give its blessing to the demolition plan, if it was proven there was no market for the grade II listed building by putting it up for sale.’
      • ‘The plans already have the blessing of the town council, but this week doctors at Hathaway surgery declined to speak about the scheme.’
      • ‘At a meeting on Thursday members of the executive committee will be asked to give a blessing to the improvement plan.’
      • ‘The plan has received the blessing of Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt.’
      • ‘The State must be making that statement when it decides, by legislation, to give State sanction and State blessing to unions between two people of the same sex.’
      • ‘And all of this, of course, is aimed at getting a new U.N. blessing for the plan moving forward in Iraq to transfer sovereignty.’
      • ‘If he declines to give blessings for an endeavor, they accept that as his blessing and proceed no further.’
      • ‘Success of all this depends on the approval and blessings of the prominent religious leaders and institutions.’
      • ‘It recalls the violence and cruelty of medieval military expeditions to conquer the Holy Land, all done in the name of Christ and with the blessing of the church.’
      • ‘Caring for the sick had the blessing of the Christian churches, which urged their members both to be charitable and to care for those suffering.’
      • ‘In the context of East Timor's first-ever election campaign, there could be nothing more valuable than the blessing of the Catholic Church.’
      • ‘The Anglican Church has given its blessing for mobile phone masts to be erected in two of its church towers in Yorkshire - just as long as they're not used to transmit porn.’
      • ‘The move has the blessing of the Franciscan community in Waterford who have commended the City Council on the proposal to move the Luke Wadding statue to Greyfriars.’
      sanction, consent, assent, endorsement, clearance, agreement, concurrence, approval, seal of approval, stamp of approval, imprimatur, backing, support, favour, good wishes
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/ˈblesiNG/ /ˈblɛsɪŋ/


    a blessing in disguise
    • An apparent misfortune that eventually has good results.

      ‘being omitted from the World Cup squad was a blessing in disguise’
      • ‘The apparent misfortune may turn out to be a blessing in disguise and the seeming stroke of luck the very stuff of tragedy.’
      • ‘Old habits die hard, and I believe the heavy fines imposed can eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise in two ways.’
      • ‘Disappointments can often turn out to be blessings in disguise.’
      • ‘Bank employees consider the advent of ATMs a blessing in disguise, as it eases their pressure in a vital area of banking.’
      • ‘But the eruption was a blessing in disguise for some nearby villages, as it has helped sustain the area's agriculture.’
      • ‘Mayo supporters probably didn't think so at the time but last years championship defeat by Sligo has worked out as a type of blessing in disguise.’
      • ‘In a way, September 11 was a blessing in disguise for the US economy; it brought forward the rate cuts we needed to see earlier.’
      • ‘But maybe my complete and utter failure to pick up any French despite having lessons at school for five years is actually a blessing in disguise.’
      • ‘While office tenants might grumble over energy saving measures, building operators see the drive as a blessing in disguise.’
      • ‘However as life unfolds we go from opportunity to opportunity and begin to understand that the cruel blow was really a blessing in disguise.’