Definition of blindsight in English:



  • The ability to respond to visual stimuli without consciously perceiving them. This condition can occur after certain types of brain damage.

    ‘And then there is the fact - illustrated beautifully by Humphrey's own work on blindsight - that phenomenal consciousness is not necessary for the perceptual guidance of action.’
    • ‘The technique is reported as noninvasive and safe and will allow scientists to study a phenomenon of blindsight - the ability of some blind people to sense and accurately describe objects they cannot see.’
    • ‘In ingenious experiments, monkeys with damage to the visual cortex showed blindsight.’
    • ‘Since the latter pathway is still intact in the patient with blindsight, he or she can use it for reaching for the object.’
    • ‘He discusses different kinds of deviant phenomenal models of reality such as agnosia, neglect, blindsight, hallucinations and dreams.’



/ˈblīndsīt/ /ˈblaɪndsaɪt/