Definition of blissful ignorance in English:

blissful ignorance


  • Fortunate unawareness of something unpleasant.

    ‘her blissful ignorance of the politicized academic climate’
    • ‘Another form of potentially blissful ignorance is traumatic amnesia.’
    • ‘But the blameworthy remain oblivious to their actions while wrapped in their blissful ignorance.’
    • ‘But many voters continue to live in blissful ignorance about the qualities of those putting themselves up for election: just 42% of the electorate are able even to name their MP.’
    • ‘Sit back and enjoy your blissful ignorance as your brain leaves your body and you no longer care about the sounds of screaming and breaking glass coming from the other room.’
    • ‘I decided that blissful ignorance is not the way to go.’
    • ‘While thousands were hit by the blackout at City Hall yesterday, 18 couples carried on in blissful ignorance on the happiest day of their lives.’
    • ‘From the beginning real life is coated in fantasy, usually someone else's, and all we can do is try to understand it - or make sure we remain in blissful ignorance all our lives.’
    • ‘Some days, Mark, I really miss the days of my blissful ignorance.’
    • ‘At the time, though, I was in blissful ignorance.’
    • ‘What I do l know is that I will never be able to plod along in a pink cloud of blissful ignorance or even vaguely pretend that I do not care about what goes on around me.’