Definition of bloatware in English:



  • 1Computing
    informal Software whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires.

    • ‘a nasty piece of cross-platform bloatware that's in serious need of a total overhaul’
    • ‘I don't believe we'll ever see a reversal of the trend towards bloatware in software.’
    • ‘So I'm starting to suspect that fretting about bloatware is more of a mental health problem than a software problem.’
    • ‘I, however, want to suggest a new category: bloatware engineer.’
    • ‘As Nick was saying… once bloatware sheds some pounds and AI routines build better programs, there will be gains there as well.’
    • ‘CD-ROM appeared and suddenly bloatware became a daily fixture.’
    1. 1.1Unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.
      ‘users must initially contend with the usual bevy of bloatware (unnecessary toolbars, games of questionable value)’
      • ‘The battery drains quickly, it has a poor audio speaker, and it comes preloaded with too much bloatware.’
      • ‘Though I appreciate a few choice apps as much as the next person, the phone simply came with a lot of distracting bloatware.’
      • ‘There's some undeletable bloatware, though mercifully less than we've seen on other new handsets recently.’
      • ‘Many PC makers have bitten the bullet over the past couple of years, and stopped loading up their desktops with preinstalled bloatware and ad-ware icons.’
      • ‘There's the usual amount of bloatware and clutter on the desktop.’
      • ‘Aside from bloatware included on both devices from their respective carriers, the phones are otherwise identical.’



/ˈblōtˌwer/ /ˈbloʊtˌwɛr/