Definition of blockage in English:



  • An obstruction which makes movement or flow difficult or impossible.

    ‘a blockage in the pipes’
    mass noun ‘the pumps are prone to blockage’
    • ‘The special coating helps improve the blood flow and prevents blockages or blood clots, which can lead to potentially dangerous infections.’
    • ‘Negative emotions produce blockages in the energy flow, which results in illness.’
    • ‘With a heart attack, a blockage causes the flow of blood into the heart to stop.’
    • ‘Surgeons scrape out deposits from inside the arteries, clearing the blockage and improving blood flow.’
    • ‘The repairs to the houses were for plumbing, leaks, pipe bursts, blockages, electricity and damaged water taps.’
    • ‘This had been washed down by the heavy flow and added to the blockage.’
    • ‘Law enforcement personnel can use the same information, relayed to them by traffic managers, to clear roadway blockages.’
    • ‘For really bad blockages you may have to repeat this procedure a number of times before the drain is completely clear.’
    • ‘He was not given an angiogram, which would have given doctors an accurate picture of blockages in his coronary arteries.’
    • ‘The picture which emerges is that there was no formal procedure for dealing with blockages, practices varied.’
    • ‘It is easiest to check for leaks and blockages when it is raining.’
    • ‘We also get an additional 3,000 reports of blockages via the Council's hotline.’
    • ‘If any water accumulated on the streets, it may be attributed to blockages of the water passage.’
    • ‘Never attempt to clear blockages until power has been disconnected and watch your hands.’
    • ‘Angie believes that emotional blockages can manifest into physical problems.’
    • ‘As a result, the fatty substance stored itself in her cells, creating blockages around her body.’
    • ‘She will need a further procedure, known as an angioplasty, to clear the blockages.’
    • ‘Leaves accumulating in gutters can lead to blockages and allow water to seep into roofs.’
    • ‘That can be worse if there are blockages where the maintenance has not been as good as it should be.’
    • ‘All the tenants are hoping that once the drain is drilled through and cleared of its blockage, the flooding will not happen again.’
    obstruction, stoppage, block, clot, occlusion
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