Definition of bloggable in English:



  • Suitable or sufficiently interesting as a topic for a blog.

    ‘I started subscribing to the journal in the hope of finding bloggable material in there’
    • ‘I'll attend and take notes (and maybe photos) and will probably come up with something bloggable.’
    • ‘I have kids who do stupid, bloggable things.’
    • ‘That must be because the Friday Five website finally shut down last week after 2 years providing us with inspirational bloggable questions every week.’
    • ‘Unlike when I'm writing about multiculturalism or constitutionalism, that material doesn't generate spillover bloggable ideas.’
    • ‘I noted bloggable ideas on a Post-It, as I used to do before I got the high-speed access.’
    • ‘I jest about my celebrity crushes, and having 'fessed up, I think it's bloggable subject, but I don't take them too seriously.’
    • ‘When I saw the latest Businessweek cover and read why he is worth $60 million, I didn't even deem it bloggable.’
    • ‘Ain't it the way: you wait several months for some bloggable news and then four fat stories come along at once.’
    • ‘The Presidential campaign affects what too many people say about too many things, and that causes me to turn away from a lot of subjects that might otherwise be bloggable.’
    • ‘With each novel read and each film watched comes a new range of bloggable ideas, which might well make more interesting reading than the standard-issue navel-gazing, but take time to compose, while other matters press harder.’
    • ‘Before we go, here are some of our favorite bloggable moments from the campaign trail that you might have missed.’
    • ‘Whilst I have not found the answer to life, the universe, and everything bloggable, I have deduced that the answer depends on the blog's style, content and what it delivers to its readers.’
    • ‘There is so much bloggable stuff in today's Torygraph, that I'm going to have to post on it before I see the reactions to the rest of the news around the blogosphere.’
    • ‘I've already stated how insane my work schedule is for this week, so it may take me some time to get the e-mails into a format that is bloggable’
    • ‘I just hope that somewhere in this two hour talk-a-thon someone does something bloggable.’
    • ‘When I think a meeting is bloggable, I will announce it and when you have questions you cannot ask - because you are too shy or not present, please let me know, I might get the chance you might not get.’
    • ‘Having something bloggable does create a little additional value, but trotting out an actual movie review, MSM-style, doesn't interest me much.’
    • ‘I've made some plans, things bloggable and not, but all in the future, once I've thought some things out a bit more, I can finish making the plans in writing.’
    • ‘If no blog-worthy events take place, the author may find themselves at a loss, and begins to contemplate, "If my life is not bloggable, I am in serious need of a life."’



/ˈbläɡəb(ə)l/ /ˈblɑɡəb(ə)l/