Definition of blogosphere in English:



the blogosphere
  • Blogs considered collectively with their writers and readers as a distinct online network.

    • ‘I suspect that these people have no real understanding of blogging or the blogosphere at all.’
    • ‘It's a nice little feedback loop, creating a two way street between mainstream media and the blogosphere.’
    • ‘She doesn't like the sensationalism of either the mainstream media or the blogosphere.’
    • ‘If you want to get on the right side of the blogosphere, treat bloggers with respect.’
    • ‘One of his thoughts is that we may see the mainstream media start mining the blogosphere fairly soon.’
    • ‘Communities in the blogosphere are fuzzier affairs with borders that shift as people come and go.’
    • ‘You can't become a part of the blogosphere simply by calling a wire a blog.’
    • ‘It's also been good actually meeting some of the great people from the blogosphere.’
    • ‘In the blogosphere one could argue that such metrics are easily gathered by server stats, but that's really not true.’
    • ‘How can we categorise the blogosphere and where do common generalisations fall down or turn into misconceptions?’
    • ‘Notice the synergy of information and the ease by which information propagates throughout the blogosphere.’
    • ‘In other words, in appears the blogosphere is doubling in size every five months.’
    • ‘You can, as one blogger confides, be a vixen in the blogosphere but a wallflower in person.’
    • ‘Frank would like to announce that he is the funniest person in the blogosphere.’
    • ‘Remember this the next time the establishment media dismisses the blogosphere.’
    • ‘Although the language is not replicated across the blogosphere and in the print media, the sentiments are the same.’
    • ‘It's made the blogosphere an invaluable tool for holding the mainstream media's feet to the fire.’
    • ‘Why does it consume the media and the blogosphere in a way that real scandals don't?’
    • ‘The papers virtually ignored the event and even the blogosphere couldn't wind itself up into much indignation this time.’
    • ‘His attitude, moreover, has bordered on the contemptuous; and the blogosphere has chewed him up and spat him out.’