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blood money

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  • 1Money paid in compensation to the family of someone who has been killed.

    ‘If the woman's family wishes the murderer to be executed, they must first repay half of the family's blood money.’
    • ‘They spoke frequently of fasil or blood money - that's compensation to you and me.’
    • ‘He offered what amounted to blood money to the girl's family.’
    • ‘He, himself, considers his father's money to be blood money, and will not keep a penny of it.’
    • ‘The Qur'an states the spilling of another Muslim's blood is forbidden, unless by accident, in which case the guilty party should pay blood money to the victim's family.’
    • ‘Furthermore the murderer can be punished only if the family of the victim pays the murderer's blood money to his descendants.’
    • ‘And many are saying that's blood money, it's dirty money, they don't want it going towards these scholarships.’
    • ‘But though the relative ease of obtaining insurance money accounts for some of the reluctance to pursue blood money, it's not the whole story.’
    • ‘It is a terrible idea, it is blood money effectively.’
    • ‘We felt that it was blood money as opposed to anything else.’
    • ‘It's blood money and it's to no-one's advantage but the writer's.’
    • ‘‘It's blood money that I don't want,’ Trant said.’
    • ‘Maybe if it were 60 years later it would be different, but it feels like blood money.’
    • ‘For example, a person of any age or mental function is obliged to pay blood money for a relative who has committed homicide or manslaughter.’
    • ‘A murder involving two members of tertiary groups sharing resources should be paid for immediately with blood money.’
    • ‘Well, if this is blood money from stolen diamonds, I guess I can see the president's point.’
    • ‘He told people that as far as he was concerned every cent of it was blood money, the rest of us, not wanting to pry and further aggravate the vein twitching in his temple, let it go at that.’
    • ‘According to the then prevailing law in Arabia, the relations of the deceased ought to have either taken revenge upon him or demanded blood money.’
    • ‘Coming up on today's program, we're going to talk about blood money.’
    • ‘This material consists of hoards of coins and silverware either looted from Britain or paid over to raiders, or potential raiders, as blood money.’
    1. 1.1Money paid to a hired killer.
      ‘One quarter of those will die before they can claim their State pension, which pours yet more blood money into government pockets.’
      • ‘These were the tools of hired killers; men who were paid in blood money and didn't give a damn who they had to cut down to earn their fee.’
      • ‘If we don't like the way it operates, we have the right - as stakeholders - to ensure that we don't retire on a pile of blood money.’
      • ‘Oh, that's right, the blood money you get for killing people.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, he is charging what many consider blood money for his efforts.’
      • ‘I couldn't risk my livelihood because of some blood money so I took it upon myself to stomp up to the duffle bag and unzip it.’
      • ‘But these priests were so self-righteous that they wouldn't contaminate themselves with blood money.’
      • ‘Now you have the best curricula blood money can buy.’
      • ‘That's a nice suit, blood money must have been good.’
      • ‘We've ignored the trail of corporate blood money so often at the root of clandestine and overt aggression towards other nations, from war to assassinations.’
    2. 1.2Money paid by the police or the media for information about a killer or killing.
      ‘He also feared it might be viewed as ‘paying blood money to what are termed informers, an anachronistic view still adhered to by certain elements of the population’.’
      • ‘Prove that it's not true… then we'll know you've really earned your blood money.’


blood money

/ˈbləd ˌmənē/ /ˈbləd ˌməni/