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  • A large hound of a breed with a very keen sense of smell, used in tracking.

    ‘No trail is laid or dragged and the bloodhounds have such a keen sense of smell that they can follow the scent left by the running shoes.’
    • ‘Melena, with senses as keen as a bloodhound's, tracked him down easily and barred his escape.’
    • ‘You asked about whether bloodhounds were pack hounds.’
    • ‘Running as fast as I could, I followed my prey like a bloodhound to a Siamese cat.’
    • ‘Imagine a hawk's sight; a sense of smell far superior to a bloodhound's; being able to taste minute traces of impurities in drinking water.’
    • ‘It's his job to groom and care for the prison's bloodhounds and weapons-sniffing dogs.’
    • ‘The people are at bay - let the bloodhounds of money who dogged us thus far beware.’
    • ‘She mentioned the possibility of bringing in a bloodhound, because of that breed's particular talent in picking up a scent.’
    • ‘He could sense their fright like a bloodhound could sniff out a fox.’
    • ‘His pursuers tracked him down with a bloodhound but the fugitive managed to kill the hound with an arrow and make good his escape.’
    • ‘A chance to get something done without the media bloodhounds on our heels all the time.’
    • ‘Footprints were everywhere - from the officers and their bloodhounds - but I did manage to find the two sets that the officer inside had spoken of.’
    • ‘The County provided bloodhounds on Tuesday night to scour the area in an effort to determine if the girl was killed there or if her body was dumped there.’
    • ‘That one's involved in presenting antigens to helper T cells, a process very close to presenting a pack of bloodhounds with someone's dirty sock.’
    • ‘Hunting with bloodhounds, or hunting ‘the clean boot’ as it is also known, involves the hounds picking up a human scent left by an athlete who sets off some time before the hunt.’
    • ‘They scrambled out the door like bloodhounds on the scent.’
    • ‘Like the bloodhounds they are, they must have sniffed the overpowering scent of money mixed with a human rights issue, and went in for the kill.’
    • ‘Then of course there is the pro-China media, ever ready to unleash the bloodhounds on a scent provided by the opposition parties.’
    • ‘To chase a single fox for miles using god knows how many horses, bloodhounds and people is hardly the most effective way of controlling the fox population.’
    • ‘Even when I have forgotten to leave a note with directions, he has sniffed us out like bloodhounds in the bat cave.’



/ˈblədˌ(h)ound/ /ˈblədˌ(h)aʊnd/