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‘Though by modern standards there is little explicit bloodiness, the stretching of time through editing, and the sheer, ugly physicality of the fighting itself, leaves us with a commanding sense of the inescapable calculus of violence.’
  • ‘With the photos visible only to the judge and the attorneys, Cohn protests their number and bloodiness and argues that to display them would risk overwhelming the jurors' reason with emotion.’
  • ‘But because of international pressure for an end to the killing of dolphins and the bloodiness of their hunting method, fishermen here have tried to keep out of the public eye.’
  • ‘The sheer bloodiness of the war and its myriad intimate losses demanded, for the living, some kind of greater meaning.’
  • ‘The relentless violence and excessive bloodiness have been widely commented on.’



/ˈblədēnəs/ /ˈblədinəs/